Daniela Katzenberger regrets the horror trip to the waxing studio

Updated on 06/07/2022 23:33

  • “Everything smooth!” is the motto at Daniela Katzenberger. She drags husband Lucas Cordalis to hair removal – and in the end regrets it herself.
  • At home with daughter Sophie, there is also a big change coming up.
  • The six-year-old no longer likes her pink room.

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What was that again? Who wants to be beautiful must suffer. Daniela Katzenberger also has to make this painful experience in the current double episode of “Daniela Katzenberger – Familienglück auf Mallorca” (Wednesdays, 8:15 p.m., on RTLZWEI). A relaxed beauty day with husband Lucas Cordalis turns out to be a horror trip – screeching alarm included.

After the search for an apartment in Germany has so far been unsuccessful, “the cat” needs a break. Together with her Lucas, the 35-year-old wants to get rid of annoying body hair. For this, the couple heads to a waxing studio. Daniela has very precise ideas about where Lucas’s hair should fall: on the back, on the rump and on “Schniedelwutz”. Smooth skin is the order of the day. Lucas still has bad memories of his last waxing: “It’s too painful,” warns the 54-year-old.

Daniela Katzenberger: “I found my breast surgery less bad”

Daniela Katzenberger, Lucas Cordalis, RTLZWEI, Mallorca, daughter, Sophia
“Looks like a conehead”: Lucas Cordalis jokes about Dani’s outfit while painting.

© RTLZWEI / EndemolShine Germany

Hair removal with hot wax is a premiere for Daniela. However, she is not worried: “Women have a much higher pain threshold than men. I think it’s ten times as high,” she says. Lucas groans when the first hairs on his back are removed – much to Daniela’s glee: “There’s a Wolfgang Petry attached to it,” she says, laughing. Without further ado, she persuades the beautician to lend a hand herself: “I’m a caring wife, but it has to hurt.”

When it’s her turn, Daniela’s laughter quickly fades: “It’s like going through hell!” moans the emigrant from the Palatinate. Especially in the bikini zone it tugs and hurts when waxing, and Dani suffers hellish torment: “If you have pubic hair like tow ropes from a truck, then it hurts a bit too,” she jokes. The sobering conclusion of the “cat”: “I found my breast surgery less bad, but I also had general anesthesia.”

Sophia is tired of pink

Daniela Katzenberger, Lucas Cordalis, RTLZWEI, Mallorca, daughter, Sophia
Daughter Sophia (6) no longer likes to see her pink walls.

© RTLZWEI / EndemolShine Germany

Then the next shock at home: daughter Sophia (6) wants to repaint her room. She’s tired of the pink walls. Daniela can’t believe it: “What’s so wrong with Rosa?” She asks her daughter. She is not at a loss for an answer: “Pink is for babies, I want turquoise walls,” she makes an announcement. And as difficult as Dani is with her daughter’s “complete pink revolution”, she swings the brush together with Lucas and Sophia.

This time it’s Lucas who is really happy about Dani’s lift: “Dani looks like a burst condom or a conehead with the plastic hood,” laughs the husband. After Daniela’s father-in-law Peter put the finishing touches on as a professional painter, not only Sophia is enthusiastic: “It’s still really kitschy, despite the turquoise color,” says Daniela happily. (ch)