Daniela Luján said that her parents did not want her to be an actress

Daniela Lujanis a popular actress who became known due to her participation in numerous children’s soap operas, with which she managed to stand out in the entertainment industry in Mexico, thanks to her charismatic personality and angelic beauty that helped her captivate everyone who saw her. from a very young age.

Although several decades have passed since she was part of programs such as ‘Plaza Sesamo’, ‘Luz Clarita’, ‘Cómplices al rescue’ and ‘El Diario de Daniela’, the well-known television celebrity is still in force in the entertainment world, even though her parents did not want her to become an actress.

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It is well known that Daniela Luján was one of the main economic supports in her home since she was a child, as we remember that at the young age of 11 she had the opportunity to give her mother a house with the money she had earned with her first projects on television.

In a recent interview for El Universal, the Mexican singer also assured that despite the fact that she had to work from a very young age, she never felt exploited by her parents or by the entertainment industry, especially since her parents were always very careful with her.

In addition, the famous artist confessed that her parents did not agree with her decision to be part of the middle of the show in MexicoHowever, they respected her wish and supported her in every step she took since the beginning of her artistic career.

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“My experience was very different, starting because my parents didn’t want me to be an actress, they had a certain suspicion of the medium and they were very cautious, obviously from a fear because nobody in my family is dedicated to acting, they were very cautious in that aspect ”

“They took great care of me because they never liked being famous and, despite the fact that they didn’t know anything about the business, I think they didn’t negotiate anything badly,” explained the protagonist of ‘A family of ten’, and commented that his parents managed their money very well and they kept the last peso of his fortune for him.

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