Daniela Luján said that she was Belinda’s godmother in ‘Friends Forever’ and put an end to her supposed rival | Famous

More than two decades after this moment, Daniela Luján spoke about her relationship with Belinda.

Daniela Luján was Belinda’s godmother in the 2000s

“In my life I have spoken ill of Belinda. She strikes me as a very hard-working, very intelligent, very talented woman.”

Luján said that in reality there were few times when their paths crossed when they were girls, but one of them turned out to be when she became their godmother.

“I was her godmother in ‘Friends Forever'”, she revealed.

Unlike a godfather or godmother in the Catholic religion, in the world of entertainment this figure is usually in the ‘claquetazos’ and presentations of television projects, mainly soap operas, where they express their best wishes to the production.

At that time, Belinda still had no experience in the world of children’s melodramas; In fact, her role as Ana Capistrán in the production of 200 ‘Friends Forever’ was her debut as an actress.

Instead, Daniela Luján was already known as a figure in children’s soap operas with her participation and leading roles in productions such as ‘Luz Clarita’ (1996-1997), ‘Drop of love’ (1998) and ‘El diario de Daniela’ ( 1998-1999).

Luján did not give more details about her role as Belinda’s godmother in “Friends forever”. However, he revealed the other project where he worked with the actress in ‘Welcome to Eden’.

“We met once for a note we did for ‘You Are Children’, but I mean children. 11 years, 12 years, that is, little ones”.

Daniela also took the opportunity to make it clear that there really is no rivalry with Belinda, but rather it was the rumors and the press that created this false idea of ​​enmity between the two.

“One understands that in those fragile ages, how to make this type of notes or this type of thing, well, a little abusive to a certain point. It is a very fragile age in which you can bias certain opinions ”.

And you, did you know that Daniela Luján was Belinda’s godmother?