Daniela Ospina came out with everything to defend her daughter Salomé in the face of criticism she received on networks

Daniela Ospina has had a very busy few months. The paisa finds herself in the midst of various facets, not only as an athlete, but also as a model, businesswoman for her own sportswear brand, content creator, and we must not forget her role as the mother of her only daughter, Salomé Rodríguez. .

In addition to surely being in the preparations for her marriage with the Venezuelan singer and actor Gabriel Coronel, Ospina frequently interacts on her social networks and it is there that she shows several moments that she lives next to her partner, but above all next to her daughter. This frequency has earned Daniela some praise, but also some negative comments.

Daniela Ospina, Melina Ramírez, Pautips and many more will give the "Yes I accept" next year.  Photo: Instagram @daniela_ospina5.
The couple has been engaged since last year. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @daniela_ospina5.

On her official Instagram account, where she has more than seven million followers, Daniela Ospina publishes the activities she does daily for her work and with her family. Because of her public figure facet, Ospina has had to deal with various criticisms, some of them for her physique and others for her sentimental relationships.

This time, Daniela saw a criticism and this time it was about how she performs as the mother of Salomé, the daughter she had with the soccer player James Rodríguez.

In the famous question box, one of her millions of followers questioned her on this topic: “Do you think Salomé is of the age to put on makeup?”

Without hesitating to answer, this was the response of the 30-year-old businesswoman from Paisa: “She is at the age to enjoy everything she can, because life goes very fast and I am there to control inappropriate moments. Meanwhile, enjoy healthily and in innocence loaded with values”.

Hint for James? She spoke about motherhood and his response caused a stir

Many knew about the paisa due to her marriage to the Colombian soccer player James Rodríguez, who for a time were one of the most stable and beloved couples. However, in 2017 they announced that they had decided to divorce after six years of marriage.

At that moment, both Daniela and James made it clear that their priority would be raising their daughter Salomé and that for this reason they would try to have the best possible relationship.

Salome Rodriguez's birthday
James Rodríguez and Daniela Ospina celebrated their daughter’s birthday. – Photo: @salomerodriguezospi

Currently, the businesswoman and the athlete have been seen together at family gatherings next to their daughter, leading many to believe that there is cordial treatment between this ex-partner. However, a message from Daniela could give a clue that this would not be so true.

Daniela Ospina has known how to make herself known for aspects that go far beyond her relationship with James Rodríguez. La paisa has been a professional athlete, businesswoman of a sportswear brand and is a content creator.

With this last of her facets, Ospina frequently interacts with those who admire her. She recently posted on her official Instagram account, where she has more than seven million followers, a fan asked her an important question about being a single mom. This was said by the famous 30-year-old when sharing a photo of her with Salomé.

Daniela Ospina and Salome
Daniela Ospina and Salomé are very active on social networks and share details of their lives with their followers. – Photo: @daniela_ospina5

“You have even more reasons to do, but two very important ones: 1- you as a woman. 2- your little son who motivates you and needs you. You are not from scratch remember it every day, you are enough and God is with you.

Many have commented to the paisa that by saying that “it is enough” as a mother, they assure that perhaps James has not been as present as a father in the life of his eldest daughter. Is it true or just speculation?