Danièle Evenou, pregnant with Jacques Martin and treated as “sal***” by Brel

Danièle Evenou, who had two children with Jacques Martin, revealed in TPMP People why she left him and “what killed” the TV host…

Daniele Evenou came into close contact Jacques Brel. The interpreter of Do not leave me had given him roles in his films franzin 1971 and The Wild Westin 1973. But for the shooting of the second feature film, the singer would have lost his temper with the actress because of… her pregnancy! According to Olivier Todd, author of the book Jacques Brel, a lifeDanièle Evenou had to wear a tight dress in the movie. However, she would have waited until the last moment to announce to Jacques Brel that she was pregnant… and that she could not therefore wear this outfit without the spectator don’t notice her plump belly.

Belated confessions that had put Jacques Brel in all his states. “That bitch! You realize, she arrives late, wakes me up: ‘Jacques, I’m pregnant, but not by much, huh!“, he would have cursed according to Olivier Todd.

Jacques Martin “very rude” with Danièle Evenou

But Danièle Evenou was obviously used to the nervous breakdowns of these gentlemen. It must be said that the actress lived with host Jacques Martinfrom 1973 to 1980. The former presenter of Fan Schoolalso father of his children Frédéric, 49, and Jean-Baptiste, 45, did not have an easy temper. It is for this reason that Danièle Evenou left him in 1980. “He was really very rude“, she confided on the set of TPMP People, May 7. And to add: “I left a man I loved“.

If the 79-year-old actress has refused to marry Jacques Martin (despite repeated requests from him), she does not “don’t regret“today, according to his confidences in the program hosted by Matthieu Delormeau.”And like that I inherited nothing! I have no worries“, she added.

Jacques Martin, betrayed by his wife and his friend: what “killed him”

However, after their separation, the actress remained close to the father of her children and held out his hand to him when he was betrayed by Cécilia Ciganer, whom he married in 1984. Ten years after the ceremony, his wife cheated on him with his friend, Nicolas Sarkozy. Beyond the infidelity of his wife, it is the betrayal of his friend, at the time mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, which destroyed him. Especially since he had officiated his wedding ceremony!

On the set of TPMP PeopleDanièle Evenou remembered the pain experienced by Jacques Martin learning adultery: “He said to me one day ‘you see Danièle, he it is better to be a cuckold in love than in friendship‘. That killed him“. Nicolas Sarkozy and Cécilia Ciganer were then married in 1996 … before divorcing in 2008.

Source- https://www.journaldesfemmes.fr/people/actus/2812937-daniele-evenou-jacques-brel-martin-mari-epoux-enfants-cecilia-sarkozy/