Daniella Álvarez celebrates the “party of life” with a memory: dancing, before her prosthesis

If anyone knows how to take advantage of all the moments in life, it is the presenter Daniella Álvarez, who over the years has made Colombians fall in love with her beauty, her professionalism and her joy. She did not lose these even in the most difficult moment of her life, when she had to say goodbye to one of her limbs in order to stay alive.

Since Daniella showed her health problems, until the harsh consequences she had to face, she has always maintained an aura of joy and gratitude for being alive and continuing to radiate happiness among all her acquaintances and fans. These do not lose movement, because she continues to be talkative and a dancer, because a prosthesis was not an excuse for her to waste a good champeta.

The presenter showed what her catwalk was like before her operation and her prosthesis.  Photo: Instagram @danielaalvareztv.
The presenter showed what her catwalk was like before her operation and her prosthesis. Photo: Instagram @danielaalvareztv. – Photo: Photo: Instagram @danielaalvareztv.

And it is that this can be verified with the new memory that the model and ex-queen has published on her official Instagram account. He posted several videos in which he is seen posing and dancing very happy and sensual for a photo session on the beach four years ago.when he had not yet experienced the hard moment of health that he has now overcome.

“4 years ago today! How nice it is to remember ❤️. That the party of life does not stop no matter what 😀💃🦿#tbt”, was the phrase that the Barranquilla woman wrote in her publication, which in just one hour on air has reached more than 47,000 likes and a string of beautiful messages from his followers.

“You are pure inspiration ❤️ much love for you, Dani pretty”; “Uyyy mommyiiiiii🔥❤️”; “Now you are more beautiful, a soul that matures through experiences… physical beauty goes away, that of the soul shines with the days! ❤️”; “May the party of life NEVER stop ❤️❤️”; “Pretty before and now 😍!!!”, are some of the comments that can be read in the post.

Recently, through his Instagram stories, The presenter took the opportunity to tell her more than four million followers about a disease that she has suffered from on her skin for some years. In fact, many had not noticed that detail on his face until now.

In the images you can also see the model, with her natural face, due to a session of an aesthetic treatment to which she is undergoing. First of all, she told about the removal of some spots above her mouth, which the procedure was going to lessen. But there was something that caught the attention of network users.

Daniela Álvarez shows that one of her feet was turned upside down
Daniella Álvarez shows that one of her feet was turned upside down. – Photo: Instagram account @danielaalvareztv

I want you to see this stain that you see here, slightly black. Turns out I did it in the dumbest way possible. One day I went to thread and the next day I went to the beach. Sun, breeze, sea. Clearly, very sensitive skin, when burned, these little blacks came out… and I’m going to do it, “said the presenter before undergoing laser treatment.

Additionally, within the same video, the woman from Barranquilla took the opportunity to tell her fans about the spot that he had in one of his eyes, which was the product of a disease he suffered from called vitiligo, which helped him to discover, after undergoing several medical tests, that he suffered from thyroid.

Daniela Álvarez talks about her difficult state of health
Daniella Álvarez talks about her difficult state of health. – Photo: Instagram account @danielaalvareztv

“If you realize, I have vitiligo in my right eye for many years that was not that big, but due to stress it has been getting bigger. So I come to take care of it. (…) The spot came out 10 or 11 years ago, I didn’t know I had a thyroid (hypothyroidism) and As a side effect, that spot came out and it was what warned me that something was wrong with my body, but I already had it regulated. But stress must be avoided because it can cause it to expand a little,” the model concluded.