Daniella Chávez is recorded in front of the mirror for Twitter as Eva

Beautiful and spectacular! Daniella Chávez shone in all her splendor for social networks and her followers were more than amazed at her new content. The stunning Chilean singer decided to record herself as Eva.

Daniella Chavez He took advantage of the freedom that he has on Twitter, unlike other social networks such as Instagram, to share the short video in which he can be seen in the spoiled suit of his followers, that of Eva.

The sports commentator also captured the video in front of the mirror with her cell phone, in which it becomes more than evident that her best outfit is her beautiful skin and her prominent curves were visible to everyone when she sat on her side to be better appreciated by her camera.

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Daniella Chávez covered the most essential of her anatomy only with her arms and her posture from what appears to be a bathroom, also her beautiful face was hidden due to the position of her cell phone, the social media star complemented her beauty only with the striking color of her short and completely straight hair.


Daniella Chávez is recorded in front of the mirror for Twitter as Eva. Photo: Instagram.

The former member of Televisa Deportes took advantage of the video in question shared on Twitter to invite her followers to be part of her exclusive content page, even inviting them to be part of her videos.

Internet users immediately reacted to Dany’s beauty through their comments and words, giving her encouragement to continue doing what she does, something that you can tell she enjoys and Internet users even more.

The beautiful Daniella Chávez had a great launch to fame thanks to her participation as a commentator in La Copa América on the Mexican television station Televisa, where, thanks to her enormous beauty and charm, she was called the Bride of the Copa América.

The television station turned to see the Chilean after she was romantically linked with Cristiano Ronaldo and even made sure it was the cause of the end of her relationship with the super model Irina Shayk.

After that opportunity, Chávez had enormous growth in social networks and began his career as a singer and model, having enormous success, especially on his exclusive content page.

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