Daniella Chavez wears a little dress from Palm Springs California

Daniella Chavez He has once again earned the restless looks of his fans, with his great style and those beauties in sight dazzled in a translucent dress in broad daylight while she presumes to take off her underwear and enjoys it sideways.

The famous model from Las Condes, Chile, has not ceased to be the center of attention on social networks thanks to the content she makes especially for her fans, taking into account the OnlyFans platform where she is even more active.

Through his official Instagram account, Daniella Chavez shared with his entourage of admirers a couple of postcards captured in broad daylight from a gas station in Palm Springs, California, where the interiors are removed and so he walks around the place with the translucent garment and only some areas with fabric that covers.

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So that the influencer The Chilean ended up receiving the applause of those who had the opportunity to admire her striking outfit, modeling in front of the camera lens and with the blonde hair that characterizes her, leaving aside the red-haired look that she only had for a few weeks, so the fans Those waves he made in his hair pimped him out.

This is how in a few hours, the 32-year-old playmate received more than 71 thousand ‘like’ reactions in the form of the well-known red hearts, which is the way in which likes are given to the content creators.

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Daniella Chávez is a model who continually talks about self-love on social networks, from her luxurious home she shares healthy food tips to lead a better lifestyle, as well as the exercise routines she performs to tone her sculpture daily.

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