Daniella Donado announces that she is pregnant

After having experienced the painful departure of her father, a situation that filled her with great sadness, the presenter, model and actress Daniella Donado announced that once again life has given her the chance to be pregnant and she is expecting her third child.

Through her official Instagram account, the former queen of the Barranquilla Carnival and her husband Virgilio Torres shared an emotional video in which the presenter She told her followers that she will be a mother again and that she is 16 weeks pregnant.

“I can only tell you daddy, thank you for this gift, and thank you God for showing me your infinite love. Today we are 16 weeks pregnant and everything is going perfect for the glory of God,” said the woman from Barranquilla.

In the video, the couple pointed out that they did not know if this situation could cause them so much emotion, since the same thing happened in December of last year. The baby that was on the way did not implant in her womb because she was only two weeks pregnant.

“So from this day on, just be patient and wait for what happened, until May 2 came, the day of my father’s funeral, and this happened” the presenter pointed out.

In addition, in the same reel that was uploaded to his Instagram account, there was another video where Daniella was speaking at her father’s funeral, and with a broken voice, but at the same time with her heart full of hope and love, She told her relatives about her pregnancy.

“In this life some leave and others arrive. I am six weeks pregnant. the presenter said.

After giving this news to most of her relatives, the woman from Barranquilla began to communicate with her loved ones and close friends to tell them the good news and, of course, the cries and tears of some of them did not go unnoticed.

In turn, the brothers of the baby who is on the way, Valeria and Santiago, were also very excited to learn that a little brother is on the way, because the videos show signs of affection in Daniella’s tummy.

The couple thrilled their more than 1 million followers with this news and the congratulations on social networks do not stop arriving.

It is worth mentioning that Daniella shared a moving video where she collected a series of photos with her father, who had died on May 1. In the description of the video, Daniella said that her father was quite loved by many, because he stood out as a cheerful man.

“Daddy, for others matagato, mataperro, el mono, el Roque; Anyway, with all those nicknames you earned, the common denominator was joy. Thank you for everything you taught, your essence. And thank you for everything you gave me, the most important thing in life. May daddy God have you in his glory today. You were in his hands all the time and what level of mercy he had with you. I love you forever. I know who interceded for you today. May 1, month of the Virgin ”wrote the also presenter”, he pointed out in the Instagram post.