Danielle Moreau in love? His confidences in complete transparency

Danielle Moreau made revelations about her love life on the Touche set not at my post this Tuesday, May 10.

Cyril Hanouna is at the head of the show Do not touch My TV for several years. In this one, he evokes the news but also connects confidences and revelations. This Tuesday, May 10, he wanted to learn more about the private life and especially the romantic relationships of the chroniclers. As he was talking Married at first sight show, he proposed to Danielle Moreau to call the production of M6 so that she could participate. However, she quickly admitted to having someone in mind. “You told us that the person you were in love with is alive… Well, she was still moving“, launched Cyril Hanouna before adding: “Danielle, we all want to know who it is“. Determined to make his columnist speak, the host then asks him: “Did you meet this person on the show?“. To which the main concerned responds: “Oh no no, I haven’t met him yet“before specifying:”He’s the perfect man and I found him“.

Curious, the chroniclers of the show try to learn more. “It’s someone from the group, that we see on TV but it’s very serious“, continues Danielle Moreau who then adds that it is a “columnist in the group, not just C8“. And about his physique? “He is handsome and intelligent but he is not at all aware on the other hand“, she explains before assuring ne “don’t want to ruin my chances“. But who is it? Subsequently, it was Cyril Hanouna who indicated that he “my say. If he won’t have dinner with you, he’ll have to find another channel.” he laughs. What the main concerned declares: “Jneed two people. From you, Cyril, for introducing me, if I may say so, and Benjamin for connecting me to Comme j’aime because I would like to be presentable for him“. For his part, Bernard Montiel asks if it is Pascal Praud, the host of C8. While Danielle Moreau affirms that it is not him, she explains not “don’t want to spoil everything and I’m going to say it in Cyril’s ear because I trust him“. If the columnists expected Cyril Hanouna to give the name, this was not the case.”I have the name of the lucky veniard“, he simply declared before specifying not to reveal anything.

Danielle Moreau: why was she moved on the set?

On the set of Do not touch My TV this Tuesday, may 10, Danielle Moreau had a lot to say. Before evoking the person who interests her, the columnist let a few tears flow when photo of Jean Le Poulain appeared on the screen. The reason ? “It was my first story“, she asserted. Indeed, Danielle Moreau was in love with the actor and, even if she was never able to meet him, seeing him again upset her a lot. “He wasn’t not handsome but to me he was my prince charming. He was cross-eyed, he was very fat, bald“, she confided. An improbable sequence, which greatly amused Cyril Hanouna.


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