Danilo Carrera confesses the truth behind his romance in Egypt

For a week it has been speculated that Danilo Carrera, during his vacation in Egypt, fell in love with a woman who turned out to be part of royalty or a relative of a sheikh. The anecdote has circulated without knowing how much of it is true and how much of a lie.

But now it is Danilo himself who tells the story of what he experienced on this trip in which he was accompanied by his family.

The Ecuadorian actor explains that his fame for the telenovelas in which he has acted with Televisa has reached Egypt since while walking through the most touristic places, he began to hear that many women called him.

“The women cannot look the men in the eye, they have their faces covered but they said ‘Danilo, Danilo’. They recognized me by the voice.”

Danilo Carrera says that he actually started talking with some of the women who recognized him and that it caused the story to be created that he had been expelled from Egypt for being “too handsome”.

“We started talking and there was a girl with whom I talked more than with the others; I’m not going to give details but she thinks that if they give you a ring that means something else,” he says about another version of his trip, according to the which a woman would have given him a jewel as a sign of romantic commitment.

“The truth is that yes, a little bit of my heart stayed in Egypt,” confesses Danilo Carrera, whose last stable courtship was with actress Michelle Renaud.