Danilo Carrera opens up to love, but for fear of loneliness

Danilo Carrera would have found a new conquest, but for company and sexuality.

Danilo Carrera opens up to love again. After his stormy relationship with michelle renaud, the heartthrob was again struck by Cupid as soon as he finished recording the telenovela Contigo Sí. The name of the lucky one is a mystery, and to say of the seer Farath Coronel and his tarotlove will not smile at the Ecuadorian.

“He is a very expressive and open person in every way; he likes to show his love to the woman who is worth it. Changes will continue in terms of sentimental relationships due to his emotional instability and low self-esteem; This means that he is a person who absorbs the time of his partners too much, ”said the expert after analyzing Daniel’s numerology.


“His personality will relate him to a woman younger than him, also an actress, who will have clearer emotional goals, something he needs to establish affective relationships. He is a person who should be careful when giving his heart to him, as he may get hurt. He is still a child very much in need of attention and love.”

However, the sentimental relationship that he currently maintains wants to keep it secret, because he is not sure of taking firmer steps. “His sentimental energy is only for company and sexuality, but not for feelings. He gives in too much in his relationships, and out of fear of loneliness he may allow many things that will continue to harm him.”