Danish Queen Margrethe II addresses family quarrels in New Year’s message

Updated on 01/01/2023 at 08:57

  • In her New Year’s speech, the Danish Queen Margrethe II openly addressed the family dispute.
  • The fact that the relationship with her youngest son Joachim “got into trouble” hurts her a lot.
  • About three months ago, the Queen had stripped some of her grandchildren of the title.

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The Danish Queen Margrethe II openly addressed the dispute with her youngest son Joachim in her New Year’s message. “It hurts me that the relationship with Prince Joachim and (his wife) Princess Marie got into trouble,” said the 82-year-old in her speech broadcast on Saturday evening.

Difficulties and disagreements can arise in any family, “including my own. The whole country has witnessed it.”

At the same time, the monarch was confident that the royal family could “start the new year together with trust, understanding and new courage”.

Grandchildren lose their title

At the end of September, the Queen announced that four of her eight grandchildren would lose their titles. The reason given by the royal palace was that this should enable the four children of Margrethe’s youngest son Joachim to lead a more normal life. The move will come into effect at the turn of the year.

Prince Joachim has four children from two marriages who are between ten and 23 years old. In future, they may only use the title Count or Countess of Monpezat. The title Prince or Princess of Denmark is dropped.

Joachim’s eldest son Nikolai had told the media “very upset” about losing the title. Prince Joachim’s wife Princess Marie said the couple’s relationship with Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Mary was “complicated”. (afp/ari)

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