Danna García blushed when they reminded her that she was Mauricio Ochmann’s girlfriend | Famous

Jomari Goyso she did her thing during a talk with her friend danna garciaWell, in a live show, he managed to “confirm” one of the romances that have been speculated on in his career.

Danna García had an affair with Mauricio Ochmann

During the virtual chat, the Colombian actress was asked if she had ever fallen in love with a fellow actor. Although she only blushed and couldn’t stand her nervous laughter, she Jomari suggested that users look for the leading men she had been with. recorded his first telenovelas.

Several names were mentioned, including Sebastián Rulli and William Levy, who were ruled out when Danna confessed that it was a Mexican actor.

After being left out of the contest there were those who began to point to Mauricio Ochmanwhich caused Jomari and Danna showed mischievous smiles that gave them away, with what had been confirmed that the actors had an affair more than two decades ago, reported People en Español.

Danna and Mauricio fell in love in a soap opera?

The actors were a leading couple in the Mexican melodrama “Háblame de amor” in 1999, where fiction seems to have gone beyond reality.

At that time it was speculated that there was a relationship beyond that of partners, but it was never confirmed until many years later.

In 2010, Danna shared in an interview with Teleprograma that she had had a relationship with Aislinn Derbez’s ex-husband.

“Romances between partners are the order of the day […] It’s easy to confuse the character’s life with your own, but I have learned to differentiate them. Although yes I have had an actor boyfriend, Mauricio Ochmann. It was twelve years ago, we agreed on ‘Talk to me about love,’ “he said at the time.

However, the time they lasted together and the reasons why they ended is unknown.

Danna García currently has a three-year-old son whom she procreated with her partner Iván González. While Mauricio Ochmann is very much in love with Paulina Burrola.