Danna García, from Pasión de gavilanes, suffered an accident while recording a novel

Danna García is one of the internationally consolidated Colombian actresses for the various roles he has played throughout his career.

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The paisa artist, who started in the world of entertainment since she was a child, returned to television, after a short break, with the second part of the soap opera ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ and hosting the ‘reality’ cooking show ‘Bake Off Celebrity, the great pastry chef: Colombia’.

In a recent interview that the actress gave to the program ‘La red’, she told some details of her start in acting, as well as the anecdote of an accident he suffered a few years ago and how COVID-19 interrupted one of his greatest dreams.

Danna Garcia nearly dies after horse accident

The 44-year-old actress recalled that In 1997 she traveled to Mexico to participate in the telenovela ‘Al norte del corazón’, where she played Eloísa Treviño, without imagining that during the recordings she would go through a terrible moment that left her marked forever.

According to García, she and one of the actors were on a horse and when her partner had to turn to kiss her, she pulled the horse and it rose on two legs.

Such a situation caused Danna fell to the ground, and then the actor and the animal ended up on top of her.

“I lived by miracle. I was hospitalized for 15 days very badly. From there it was a trauma. But that’s life, when you don’t want something there it goes. All my novels have been with horses or carriages,” said the actress.

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Danna Garcia wanted to have another child

The artist, who has had a sentimental relationship with the Spanish writer and journalist Iván González for about six years, also He said that he dreamed of giving his partner a daughter and a sister to his son Dante, but COVID-19 ruined his plans.

“One of my life projects was to have another child, but I was recording and I couldn’t get pregnant. When I finished, I told my partner: ‘We’re going to get pregnant now’, and the pandemic just arrived,” said the actress.

According to his testimony, After testing positive for the virus three times, in 2020, her chances of becoming a mother again decreased, although he did not explain in detail the reasons.

“It was chaotic because I couldn’t get pregnant anymore due to the aftermath of COVID-19. It was very difficult for me to be a mother. It was very painful to accept because my dream was to have a girl. I cried a lot and it was a very hard family issue for me, ”she concluded.