Danna Paola announces that she was infected with Covid-19

The singer who had a presentation five days ago in Mexico City said on Twitter that she has presented symptoms of the virus

Danna Paola revealed that she has Covid-19 mentioning on her social networks that she has felt sore. The Mexican singer had performed at the Emblema Festival, in Mexico City, where she performed on Friday, May 13.

“Raise your hand who thought they were immune to COVID” He wrote on his social networks. To later add her symptoms in another answer.

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Paola’s fans reacted with concern to the revelation of her contagion, so the artist updated with new information so as not to worry them anymore.

“We are fine, but my body hurts and I have slept too much” he said, hoping to recover as soon as possible.

The singer had caught a cold in December 2021, something that many had thought was Covid, but she denied it, referring to it as just a “heavy” cold.

Danna Paola appeared on Friday the 13th at the Tecate Festival Emblembeing the most anticipated show by those attending the concert, during the festival he made a statement about the case of Debanhi Escobarthe young woman who disappeared in a motel in Nuevo León, in April.

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Danna Paola at the Tecate Emblema festival. Illustrative and non-commercial photography. https://www.instagram.com/dannapaola/

Danna’s show was one of the most acclaimed and many of the attendees mentioned their admiration for the singer.

“I didn’t dream it… but explain to me!? Yesterday more than 45 thousand souls were there connected with the highest and most incredible energy!” said the singer through her social networks.