Danna Paola captivates in a skin-colored lingerie dress by Fendi

With the beauty and charm that characterizes her, the beautiful Mexican singer, Danna Paola, wowed in nude Fendi slip dress, a brand for which she is an ambassador in Mexico. The interpreter of Oye Pablo posed for the camera and demonstrated her modeling skills, showing off her beauty and her figure to her audience.

It was through his Instagram account that Danna Paola shared with his public a part of the photo session using a flirtatious and charming lingerie dressa few days after having given a glimpse of what is likely to be a new music video.

It is a light and flirtatious skin-colored lingerie dress, made of tulle with vertical ruffle details at the front, which shaped her outlined and slender figure, showing her spectacular. From behind him, he completely showed her back, giving the outfit a 5ensua1 touch.

Innocent face”, she wrote next to the publication, which has received thousands of likes and comments, including that of her boyfriend, Alex Hoyerwho told him “you are the baby”.

And it is that, in addition to her fruitful and successful career, which continues to grow day by day and which began when she was a girl, in soap operas, Danna Paola She is also a beautiful model, who today is one of the Latin representatives of one of the most important fashion firms in the world. Fendi.

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In fact, since her appointment, the actress of the successful Netflix series, Elitewas crowned as the first Mexican ambassador of the house of fashion Italian, experiencing modern styles, but at the same time very elegant and full of glamorwhich have even allowed him to experience family values ​​and inspirations, with which he grew up through photos of his grandmother and mother, from his youth.

“When I see my mother and grandmother in their photographs from years ago, I know that fashionistaness runs in the family. I look at photos from years ago and I can see that I was always a very fashionable girl, but of course, trends change. Now I look different, but I’m still the same woman who wants to look pretty and feel comfortable, ”she shared through an interview for Vogue.

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However, something Danna Paola She has always emphasized to the generations that follow her and are inspired by her style, that they be themselves and experiment with clothes that make them feel comfortable, safe and very beautiful.

“Let them know that what they choose to dress gives them security because they are already beautiful and handsome. We only dress up to help us look even better! Specifically with Fendi, I am excited to think of an Italian brand, a country that I hardly know and I already fell in love with it”, advised the interpreter of Sodio, Mala Fama and No Bailes Sola.

Definitely, Danna Paola It is a whole case of cuteness, because it is inspiration both musically, actingly, and also in terms of style and fashion. Just a couple of months ago, he conquered his Mexican audience through his presentation at the Tecate Emblema festival.

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