Danna Paola is shown without makeup and surprises with her beauty

Danna Paola is shown without makeup and surprises with her beauty. The 26-year-old singer and actress captivated her 34.1 million Instagram followers, where she uploaded a story yesterday in which she was seen naturally and very casually to enjoy the weekend.

The interpreter of “Bad fame” and “Hey, Pablo” has forged her career after years of work, since her beginnings were when she was a girl. Along with being talented, Danna Paola also stands out for her transparency and beautywhich he made clear in his recent Instagram story.

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Through it, it is possible to see that Danna Paola was using a top casual and a pearl accessory in her hair, but what caught her attention and fell in love the most was that she wore without a drop of makeup. In addition, she was very happy because she was dancing to the rhythm of “Ladrones”, a song that she performs with Andrés Lazo, better known as Lasso.

Lately, the actress of “Elite” has stopped being seen with a look more casual and informal to which he prints his personal stamp, and that makes him always look amazing. For example, as we published, she was recently seen in a sports outfit that even reminded Princess Diana, who is still a fashion icon.

In this way, Danna Paola shows that she is a lover of fashion and has the ability to be versatile, giving a touch of glamor to the most basic garments. And, of course, this quality made it catch the attention of Bershka with which she launched a fresh, cheerful and colorful collection that graced the windows of this company.

Nor can it be ignored that the luxury Italian fashion house Fendi chose her as ambassador in Mexico, becoming the first Mexican to have this achievement. As if that were not enough, she then she was the cover of Vogue Mexicoa magazine with which he talked about fashion, stating that “we only dress to help us look even better!”.

Danna Paola is shown without makeup and surprises with her beauty. Special: Instagram.

“I look at photos from years ago and I can tell that I was always a very fashionable girlBut of course, trends change. Now I look different, but I’m still the same woman who wants to look pretty and feel comfortable, ”she said in that interview.

On that occasion, she also stated that the main advice she gives to women is “let them know that what they choose when dressing gives them security because they are already beautiful and handsome”, so that he indirectly sent a message of acceptance and self-love.

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