Danna Paola lives an early summer with three swimsuits that will be a trend

Winter is not over yet and that’s why Danna Paola She decided to escape to the beach to enjoy the hot weather that allowed her to wear summer outfits that highlight her slender silhouette. In this way, the singer and actress remembered what will be key to wear on beach days.

In fact, the singer and actress started the year on the coast and that’s how lived a summer early. During the mini-vacations, she was accompanied by her family, her partner and her friends, as she shared on her Instagram account, both in her posts and in her stories.

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Between the outfits of Danna Paola, 27 years old, stand out three swimsuits that will be a trend and today in Soy Carmín we talk about them so that you can consider them when you go to the beach; With each one, you will fall in love, you will be in trend and you will even impose fashion and style.

velvet texture

To receive 2023, the singer of “XT4S1S” and “Nada” opted for a two-piece swimsuit with velvet texture which made the bluish color more lucid. In addition, the “Elite” actress had a glamorous air, as it is one of the qualities of this finish that has been in trend since the year that just ended.

The boom Velvet has been so strong that it is present in all kinds of garments, accessories and even nails. So there are different options to bet on this texture that borders on the classic and seductiveso it offers the perfect balance to be a whole femme fatale.

To see Danna Paola with the velvet swimsuit, click here.

Danna Paola lives an early summer with three swimsuits that will be a trend. Photo: Instagram Danna Paola.

rooster print

In fashion, everything is cyclical and that’s why old trends keep coming back and coming back. And that has happened with him. rooster print which was incorporated by Christian Dior when he presented it in his 1948 collection. Subsequently, the British royal family incorporated it into their looks and the main star of this was Princess Diana.

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At the end of 2022, this print returned and is appreciated from dresses to skirts and pants, so it was not expected that they would be included in swimsuits as well. In the case of Danna Paola, her two-piece swimsuit is brown and Mexican Rosewhich also winks at another trend: babecore.

To see Danna Paola with the rooster print swimsuit, click here.

white monochrome

Par excellence, the plain white garments They are basic and classic. On the one hand, they offer a looks neat and aesthetic and on the other elegant and majestic. And that happened with the last swimsuit that the young woman wore during her stay at the beach, which made her look like a Greek goddess.

Danna Paola lives an early summer with three swimsuits that will be a trend. Photos: Captures from Instagram stories.

But that’s not all, since Danna Paola still opted for the monochrome trend which is considered one of the most elegant. To achieve this, the singer not only used the white two-piece swimsuit, but the pareo that she wore was also in this color. To have a pop colored, wore sunglasses and a black cap.

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