Danna Paola revealed the truth about rumors of mistreatment by her boyfriend

The Mexican singer and actress Danna Paola has millions of followers on her social networks and recently her name was involved in a controversy since several media released the statements of what they say is a source close to the singer, speaking about alleged episodes of domestic violence by her boyfriend.

The statements of this alleged source close to Danna were: “We are concerned because Alex (Hoyer) falls into emotional violence and we fear that it is a new version of Eleazar Gómez, with whom Danna had a very toxic relationship ”which alarmed all her fans.

But these rumors recently reached the singer, who went quickly to the networks to give her version of events: “What worries me is that the tabloid media how this magazine continues to underestimate the courage and strength of a woman in its copies ”.

The actress also took the opportunity to add a very strong personal message “I DID NOT LET ME ABUSE BY A BOYFRIEND OR BY ANYONE” surprising many of his followers. Following this, Danna took a moment to comment on the media.

Danna Paola left a message criticizing the media and their actions: “Let’s avoid continuing to spread machismo by buying these types of magazines, and with a note of bad taste underestimate my intelligence and my strength as a woman, as well as that of many women published in this medium ”.

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