Danna Paola says why she does not use coins and they criticize her on social networks

In these lasts months Danna Paola worked very hard to have more successes in her career and increase the affection of her fans, but recently the actress received strong criticism in social networks after announcing that she does not use cash because it smells bad.

In a interview to Vogue magazine, the singer was also questioned about what she carries in her bag on a daily basis, so when showing the wallet she uses, the young woman explained that in reality use card holder.

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“I’m not really a big fan of cash. I hate coins, I hate having coins because I feel like apart they smell very bad and they know that I can not with the smells. I don’t know, I don’t like having coins,” she noted.

This excerpt from the interview was published in a video on TikTokand to this, users reacted with critics against the famous one who since she was a child began her career in the entertainment world.

Users in the networks considered that his explanation lacked modestysince the coins are used in the daily life of the population.

“He doesn’t like coins because he doesn’t need to use them”, “He wouldn’t say the same thing if it’s the only thing he can pay with”, “Who starts to smell the coins? You just pay and that’s it, you’re not going to smell them before paying”, “María Belén lost her humility”, are some of the comments.

Just as there were people who classified his comment as “class”, other fans came out on defending and indicated that their comment was not bad.

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“It’s normal for everyone to have their choice, I don’t like the smell of the coins either, let alone bring a lot of change”, “It’s true that after a while it smells like metal” “I don’t really blame her, the money if it is very dirty”.

Originally published in The Press