Danna Paola, this is your opinion of Cynthia Rodríguez’s boyfriend

Does Danna Paola go out of her way to Charles Rivera? The young star was not at all indifferent to the actor’s last performance in the staging of “José: The Dreamer” and she dedicated a very special message!

The singer Danna Paola, surprised everyone after her reaction to the dismissal of Charles Rivera of the staging in which, according to reports, he will be replaced by Kalimba.

The 26-year-old actress Danna Paolawould dedicate a moving message on social networks and that it would be destined for the also singer and television and theater actor, Carlos Rivera, to whom he predicted great success.

“We do not choose the characters, but they choose us and I believe that this is a great journey that does not end here and that this will accompany you for the rest of your life, José will mark your life forever,” said the born on June 23, 1995, while the “former academic” reacted very excited.

Does Danna Paola go out of her way for Carlos Rivera? She dedicates a message. Photo: Capture Instagram

The words of the interpreter of “Sodium“They would leave everyone in awe after the remembered child star took the stage at the end of the show last Sunday, April 17.

Dressed in a pair of jeans and a black blouse, the interpreter of “Dare to dream“, “Amy, the girl with the blue backpack”, among many other telenovelas, expressed her message, removing her dark glasses when referring to Fela Domínguez, the narrator of the biblical story, and to Carlos.

Today you marked me a lot, I admire you a lot my friend, a lot of truth, come back high, “said the famous woman who has released five studio albums, when firing Augusto Rivera.

Without a doubt, a gesture from the actress in series, among which are “How does the saying go?“, “La Doña”, among others, which would move the actor and those present.

For his part, the “Cynthia Rodriguez’s boyfriend” He expressed his gratitude and requested an applause for his partner, who highlighted his decision to pause his musical career to dedicate himself to the theater for a season.

He also thanked his girlfriend, the “host of Venga la Alegría“, of whom he pointed out “always inspires him to dream more”, without failing to dedicate one of his thoughts to Hiromi, one of his great friends in “The Academy” and whom he remembers with a very special affection and who invited him to see the work for the first time, he said.

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