Danna Ponce demands justice after denouncing Coco Levy for abuse

Dana Ponce uncovered the sewer by denouncing publicly and legally that he had suffered sexual abuse by Coco Levy, son of Talina Fernández. After his testimony, more victims have come out to tell their story against the producer. We exclusively spoke with the young 22-year-old actress, who trusts that her colleagues will join in to proceed legally against Levy. “What I’m looking for is that there is a consequence, that he loses his job, that everyone knows who he is and how he operates,” she said.

After your public complaint, you filed a criminal complaint against Coco Levy for sexual abuse… That’s right, what I’m looking for with this is that there is a consequence, that he loses his job, that everyone knows who he is and how he operates; I want him to go to jail, to pay the consequences, that’s why I proceeded legally.

Do you think that with the video (which he shared on his social networks) any woman is going to return to his office? I think there is less probability, and that is the most important thing, to continue saving women, my fellow actresses, because this is a very complicated medium.

What evidence did you present to the Prosecutor’s Office, in addition to the WhatsApp conversation you had with the man? They did not ask me for the evidence in question because it is a complaint of silence, which means that the only ones who know what really happened inside that office are him and me. The only proof I have is that conversation (on WhatsApp), and now also more witnesses of women who have had the same experience with this man.

How many girls have contacted you? Between 10 and 15 actresses, and they all tell me that this man, Coco Levy, told them the same words, the same stories, the same thing he said to me, it’s like his modus operandi; for example, this door thing, he told everyone the same thing: “I don’t close the door, actresses come here to offer themselves and I don’t want to get in trouble because of the Me Too”, it’s like his presentation. These actress girls called me to thank me for not keeping quiet and not being afraid.

Will they file a complaint with the authorities? I talked with them and they told me that they are going to think about it; I hope so, but I understand that it is very complicated. In my case, I have the support of my parents, I feel strong for that, although suddenly I receive negative messages (on social networks), like: “It happened to you because you looked for it”, and things like that, and it is difficult to go through this .

What did they tell you in the Prosecutor’s Office? They attended me very quickly, with great kindness; the offices are full of women, and that is an important factor, there is more empathy. They did psychological tests on me, they checked me if I had injuries, but in this case there weren’t, because even though there was contact, it wasn’t a contact in which I got hurt, it was a rough caress; Besides, it’s been four months since it happened (the assault).

We know that each victim reports when they feel stronger; In your case, where did you get the strength to do it now? I decided to upload the video because it was driving me crazy to think that the same thing was happening to other women. I didn’t do it at the time because when the abuse happened I went with two people and told them what had happened; one told me not to say anything because it would tarnish my reputation, and the other told me that he was going to help me, that he would take me to a high command, but that did not happen. Two months have passed, and with all that load I was going crazy. The day I uploaded the video I had breakfast with an acting teacher and I talked to her, she told me that she already knew the story of this man, that he has many colleagues of his generation who passed through his hands, and that I could make a change .

What does your family tell you about the situation? My dad is very sad, but he has been aware of everything that happens, and my mom is a lawyer and has accompanied me throughout the process; I have not been alone, my parents have been with me at all times. Honestly, I didn’t know this guy, I didn’t know who he was; I am from the province, from Veracruz, I am 22 years old, and this man is 53. It is an open secret what Coco Levy has done because of the power he has and because of who his mother is. Now Mrs. Talina has nothing to do with this, but this man, to a certain extent, has hung on his mother’s contacts to do his misdeeds.

Any message you want to send to Talina through our pages? Nothing, I just thank you for the way you answered when they called you to ask about it, you stayed out of it, and finally, when someone doesn’t stick their hands in the fire for someone else, it’s because they know things.

Will you continue to pursue your dream of being an actress? Yes, I will continue being an actress; They mentioned to me that many doors are going to be closed to me, but, honestly, if doors like Coco Levy’s are going to be closed to me, I prefer that they be closed to going through a process as complicated as abuse.