Danna Ponce lives hell after dropping the case against Coco Levy for harassment

The alleged sexual abuse scandal carried out by Coco Levy, son of Talina Fernándezcame to an end, after, earlier this year, Danna Ponce, the first of several victims who denounced him in June 2022, “pardoned him.”

In an interview, the 23-year-old actress shared with us how she feels after giving up continuing with the process, bordered by the emotional exhaustion she still suffers, by the physical and mental consequences that resulted from it, and whose only economic agreement she reached was the damage repair. She keeps fighting to get ahead even in the midst of a nightmare that even today forces her to take antidepressants.

How are you now that this is over? Better. In the end, my story, like that of the other girls who raised their voices with me, remains as a precedent. But it is a matter that is no longer in my hands, and unfortunately it has to stay that way. The emotional impact I suffered after talking about my case, giving interviews… you don’t know how much it affected me.

So you gave up on the process… Yes, 100 percent. Legally, there is talk of a granting of forgiveness, but in reality it was that I gave up; I asked my lawyer to talk to the other party to see what we could do. Obviously this makes me feel bad because he said to himself: “So it was a lie. It was true that he just wanted to make his case known and then do nothing. It is a case like the others…”. Society points us out and makes us revictimize ourselves.

In fact, two versions transcended; The first, that your complaint was unsuccessful due to lack of evidence… No, that can’t be, because I had already shown all the evidence: this man’s emails, the experts saw that I went into Videocine the day and at the time I said, the evidence is there. Here the law does everything to protect them and they leave us in danger.

The other version was that they reached an economic agreement… Regarding the settlement, the payment of my lawyers has to be made, why would I have to spend on a complaint? That’s why people don’t file complaints, because of how expensive they are. The least they could do is pay for the lawyer and my therapies; that is called damage repair. What he really paid for was no longer being in a position that did not correspond to him; they removed him from there, and that meant a lot to me, because no one else is going to go through what I went through in that office.

You have been absent from social networks since last August, and on January 17 you reappeared with a strong message… Yes, I did it because, since I woke up, I had messages of: “Good morning pu%&, how much do you charge?”. They were from people I don’t know; I don’t know if this man sent people to intimidate me and I just gave up; that made me very tired. Then the “forgiveness” thing was made public, published in the most yellowish way possible. In society they want to make you feel ashamed of something that happened to you.

Do you regret having raised your voice? I do not regret anything. I don’t regret getting “burned out”, so to speak, because doors were closed on me. Once my mother told me: “Hijole, daughter! You better not have done anything.” She did it because she saw me as bad, locked in my room; I gained a lot of weight, I was taking antidepressants and I didn’t want to see anyone, I was terrible! But I felt worse when she told me that as a woman; I thought: “How crazy are we that my own mother thinks I made a mistake, simply because I look so affected!”

What do you do to get ahead? I take two therapies a week: one with my psychologist, and another with my psychiatrist, because I’m still taking antidepressants. I also try to meditate and have a diet that makes me feel calm… I am emotionally contained by myself; I have had to become very strong and say: “Everything slips from me”, and every day I am finding a better version of me. It has not been easy, I have had horrible attacks; My parents have had to see that he break things out of anger, because they don’t know all the attack I’ve received; that’s super unfair.

Did you see Coco Levy? Were you able to speak with Mrs. Talina Fernández? I saw Coco in court, he couldn’t even look at me! And Talina, with what she said about me… I didn’t hear it, but it seems that she said that I had a disorder. My best wishes to the lady and her family. To all those who have messed with me I send blessings, and I hope that all their patterns heal.

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