Danni Büchner appalled by the “Poor Germany” program with rats

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Danni Büchner appalled by the “Poor Germany” program with rats
Danni Büchner gets too much because of rats while watching “Armes Germany” © Screenshot/Instagram/dannibuechner

Danni Büchner was recently confronted with her biggest phobia. The RTL2 show “Armes Germany” showed a family that lives with rats. Too much for the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant, who watched the format with her children.

Mallorca – A cozy evening on TV turned out to be a real nightmare for Danni Büchner. The RTL2 show “Poor Germany – Your Children” is to blame for this. She sits on the sofa with her kids and looks at the format, but when you see how a family lives in the house with rats, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant (all information about the documentary soap) gets the crisis and demands of her daughter to switch.

Danni Büchner spends a cozy evening watching TV with her children

In the RTL2 show “Armes Germany” families are presented again and again who live in poor circumstances. A format that robs a number of viewers of all their nerves. Among them was Danni Büchner (all information about the Büchner family), who watched the show on May 10th with her kids.

The rats in particular seemed to trigger the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant extremely, as she tells her fans in her story. Because the fact that a family actually lives together with rats meets with sheer horror in the 44-year-old.

“Will have nightmares”: Danni Büchner appalled by the “Poor Germany” program with rats

“Now I’m completely out. They’re sitting on the rats because the rats are under the sofa. Guys, can you remember when I was in the jungle, I didn’t do a single rat test,” says Danni. Too much for the pretty brunette, so she then asks her daughter to switch: “No, guys, I’m out. I can’t watch that anymore either, Jada. I want us to switch that. I’ll have nightmares, I have a rat phobia.”

Danni Büchner recently met her “Goodbye Germany” colleague Lisha at a party, and the two seem to have gotten along extremely well – Danni’s conclusion: “Big, honest mouth like me”. Sources used: Instagram.com/dannibuechner