Danni Büchner brings kids with sweatpants and tousled hair to daycare

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Danni Büchner brings kids with sweatpants and tousled hair to daycare
Danni Büchner shows himself with tousled hair and jogging pants © Screenshot/Instagram/dannibuechner

As a mother of five, Danni Büchner rushes from one appointment to the next. In her Instagram story from May 10, she shows herself in red sweatpants and with tousled hair. The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant openly admits that she didn’t manage to get ready beforehand.

Mallorca – Danni Büchner (44) is not only regularly in front of the TV camera, but also takes her fans with her on Instagram in her everyday life. It becomes clear: The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant (all information about the documentary soap) always has a lot on her mind with five children. She also doesn’t manage to always bring her kids to kindergarten in top style – in slippers, sweatpants and with tousled hair, she drives the twins through Mallorca.

Danni Büchner gives an insight into her life as a mother of five on Instagram

On the Internet, Danni Büchner (all information about the Büchner family) often gets her fat off in the truest sense of the word – because not only the figure of the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant is repeatedly pilloried, but also her upbringing. But the 44-year-old doesn’t care about bad comments and shows herself as she is on Instagram.

Danni doesn’t embellish her everyday life as a mom on the social media platform either. Because in order to do justice to all her children, she takes a back seat – even when it comes to taking the kids to kindergarten. So that Jenna and Diego arrive on time, the TV star jumps into jogging pants and tames her hair with a braid and off we go.

“Failed again”: Danni Büchner takes kids to school with sweatpants and disheveled hair

“What can I say, once again I didn’t manage to style myself before – before kindergarten”, Danni Büchner gives her followers an insight into her turbulent everyday life on May 10th. She insists on presenting her outfit consisting of red sweatpants and pink slippers. The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant doesn’t seem to have had time for her hair either – her tousled mane comes out in a braid. “It doesn’t matter, the sun is shining,” she then tries to see the situation positively.

Danni Büchner recently met TV star Lisha at a party – “Big, honest mouth like me,” was her verdict on the 35-year-old. Sources used: Instagram.com/dannibuechner