Danni Büchner doesn’t want to go to the beach with twins

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Of: Sarah Wolzen

Danni Büchner doesn’t want to go to the beach with twins
Danni Büchner would rather not go to the beach with her twins © Instagram: dannibuechner

Danni Büchner lives on Mallorca. But although her children want to go to the beach, the emigrant prefers to stay at home by the pool. For fear of unwanted photos.

Mallorca – Not only in Germany, but also in Mallorca, bathing weather is announced. Quickly to the beach and jump into the cool water – a dream for all tourists. And of course for everyone who has made their dream of emigrating to the Balearic Islands come true – everyone except Danni Büchner (44).

Danni Büchner is alone with the twins

The mother of five (the Büchners: All information about the “Goodbye Germany” family around Danni Büchner and daughter Joelina Karabas) is enjoying the peace and the beautiful weather on her terrace. For the first time, her three oldest children are all working at the same time and are therefore out of the house.

A whole new experience, as Danni reveals in her latest Instagram story, “So that’s how it feels when I live alone with the twins at some point.” The single mother is still alive with her three grown-up children from her first marriage, as well as the 6- Year-old twins, who come from the relationship with cult emigrant Jens Büchner (✝49), together in their villa on Mallorca.

Danni Büchner doesn’t want to go to the beach with the twins

And of course the two of them would like nothing more than to go to the beach in the heat. A wish that Danni Jenna Soraya and Diego Armani have to refuse with a heavy heart. “Difficult”, she would find it, explains the reality star on Instagram – “because I don’t like it when the children are secretly photographed.”

Instead of splashing around on the beach, you can splash around in the pool at home, it’s definitely nice there too. Danni Büchner herself was only a few days ago on the beach and presented her downside in a tight bikini. Sources used: instagram.com/dannibuechner