Danni Büchner spends two nights in the hotel because of projects

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Danni Büchner spends two nights in the hotel because of projects
Danni Büchner spends the next two nights without her children in the hotel © Screenshot/Instagram/dannibuechner

Danni Büchner has an exciting project coming up. The “Goodbye Germany” emigrant even moved to the hotel for this. But the 44-year-old has not yet revealed exactly what it is about.

Mallorca – Instead of in her finca in Mallorca, Danni Büchner (44) spends the next few days in the hotel – without her children. Because the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant (all information about the documentary soap) has a project that she is keeping secret for the time being. So that she can fully concentrate on this, the 44-year-old has booked a hotel room for two nights.

Volkan, Jada and Joelina babysit the twins in Danni’s absence

Danni Büchner (all information about the Büchner family) is not only a mother of five, but is also regularly in front of the camera. Fortunately, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant can count on Joelina, Jada and Volkan to balance her career and children, who will take care of her younger siblings Diego and Jenna when she is away.

But sleeping in a strange bed and not having her children around always seems to pose a great challenge for Danni Büchner. Because instead of enjoying the peace and quiet, the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant really has to struggle with sleep problems, as she admits on Instagram.

“Simply cheaper”: Danni Büchner spends two nights in the hotel because of projects

“Good morning, that’s what it looks like, a night alone in a hotel. I slept so badly. But I’m in the hotel for two nights now, because: The next four days will be very exhausting, but incredibly exciting, I think,” the 44-year-old informs her followers on Instagram. Then she explains: “It was simply cheaper to sleep nearby for the next two nights, where it will also take place in the next two days.”

Not the first time she’s had trouble falling asleep. Because a cozy evening on the couch with her kids recently became a big challenge for the “Goodbye Germany” emigrant. Because Danni Büchner was really horrified about the RTL2 show “Armes Germany” – “I’m going to have nightmares,” she was sure. Sources used: Instagram.com/dannibuechner