Danny Boyle is directing a miniseries about the punk band

The director of Trainspotting dedicated to the Sex Pistols, the founding group of punk, a miniseries that rocks. A message that resonates so loud and clear almost fifty years later.

“I come from this proletarian background. I am their age. The Sex Pistols ignited the flame of chaos in me. They proved that we don’t have to become our parents and go from youth to old age in one morning. The working class was not doomed to nothingness”, greets Danny Boyle. In Pistol, the British director devotes a biographical miniseries to the founding punk band. Steve Jones, Johnny Rotten, Sid Vicious, Paul Cook and their mentors, stylist Vivienne Westwood and her husband, producer Malcolm McLaren, form a kaleidoscopic, unstructured, unbridled portrait of a youth that is rocking the United Kingdom. Ankylosed uni of the seventies.

The series highlights the fragility that these kids suffocated

Maisie Williams

On the casting side, Toby Wallace, Anson Boon, Thomas Brodie-Sangster learned to play and sing in live. “Danny was stoking our fury at the system and unleashing us on set in what was a real gig. We never knew when the cameras were rolling,” admires Maisie Williams, 25, who plays supermodel and punk icon Pamela Rooke. “The soap opera undermines the official image of aggressive idiots. The series underlines the fragility that these kids suffocated”, warns the warrior of game of thrones , surprised by the revelations about bloody lovers Sid and Nancy. “The artistic and social rebellion of yesterday joins the frustrations of my contemporaries bombarded with news, social networks, and who believe themselves inaudible. The Pistols overcame their condition and weighed in. As we call for change, it inspires me!” points out Maisie Williams.

Pistol, six 60-minute episodes on Disney+.

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