Dares Hardy Krueger Jr. a new attempt at “Let’s Dance”?

Richard O’Brien’s “Rocky Horror Show” is on a major tour of Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the first time, Hardy Krüger jr. (53) took on the role of “narrator”. After his premiere at the Deutsches Theater in Munich, the actor can be seen in numerous shows in four other guest cities: from Stuttgart and Cologne to Düsseldorf and Frankfurt. He reveals spot on news what connects him personally with the musical and how much his corona-related exit from “Let’s Dance” affected him.

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You are one of the prominent narrators in the musical “The Rocky Horror Show”. What do you personally associate with this musical?

Hardy Krüger jr.: I associate my youth in Munich with the piece “Rocky Horror Show”. It was an important and very nice time for me. The movie “Rocky Horror Picture Show” was like Tarantino for movie buffs today. A revolution and a statement. What’s more, I played the role of Frank’n’Furter myself as an 18-year-old drama enthusiast. It’s great that this piece is as cult today as it was in the past. This shows that we humans need culture. She is important to us.

What is special about the “Rocky Horror Show”?

Hardy Krüger jr.: The special thing about the show is that it is much more up-to-date and contemporary than ever before. That’s really incredible. The creator himself would certainly never have expected that when he wrote the piece. In the transgender generation, this piece – as old as it may be – is a statement. Be free and be who you want to be.

Would you like to take on a role in a musical yourself?

Hardy Krüger jr.: I’ve already had the opportunity to play a role in a musical and am now looking forward to seeing the great young singers and dancers on stage. The role of the narrator now suits me better in terms of age. A Frank’n’Furter in his mid-fifties is a completely different statement, isn’t it?

For a long time, Corona made it impossible to attend cultural events. How much do you enjoy these performances now?

Hardy Krüger jr.: Corona has cost us actors and artists a lot of strength. Not only were we worried, we weren’t supported financially either. It’s not easy when all you have to do is act for a living. Many of my colleagues now have completely different jobs or have left the country to find happiness elsewhere. I am very happy that there are events like this again. But despite everything, we have to take care of ourselves. Corona is still out there. Many people are still dying from the virus today.

Would you like to take on a series role à la “Forsthaus Falkenau” again?

Hardy Krüger jr.: I could definitely imagine getting back into a series on TV. I have never turned away from the TV. It just didn’t have the right movies or roles that I wanted to play. I also wrote my book “Wendepunkte” and was on a reading tour. During the first lockdown, we also shot the movie “Leberhaken”, which was shown at film festivals during the pandemic. Then later in the cinema and now it’s on the “Süddeutsche Zeitung Mediathek” and on Pantaflix for streaming.

What would you miss without the limelight?

Hardy Krüger Jr.: I couldn’t imagine life without the limelight? Oh but! I am first and foremost an artist who finds many ways to find fulfillment in the things I do – painting, writing, playing, cooking, gastronomy, interior design, building projects. The limelight comes automatically when you are successful in what you do.

What projects can your fans look forward to this year?

Hardy Krüger jr.: My projects are very interesting this year. But at this point I can’t say anything concrete because I haven’t decided yet. Otherwise it will bring bad luck.

Unfortunately, her “Let’s Dance” adventure ended quickly. Would you like to try again in the next season?

Hardy Krüger Jr.: “Let’s Dance” was a great journey. I would have loved to have continued. Maybe there will be another opportunity in the future. I would be very happy! No question.

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