“Das Traumschiff”: Harald Schmidt is shooting again as Oskar Schifferle

Updated on 11/24/2022 at 2:59 p.m

  • The reunion with Harald Schmidt as cruise director Oskar Schifferle is in the works.
  • Most recently he was missing from the “dream ship” – which was explained in the consequences with health reasons.
  • The new shooting starts with him at the weekend.

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entertainer Harold Schmidt will soon be seen again as Oskar Schifferle on the ZDF “Traumschiff”. A ZDF spokeswoman told the “Badische Latest News”: “The shooting of the ship started on Tuesday.” The 65-year-old joins the crew a few days later. His manager Sigrid Korbmacher confirmed to the magazine: “That’s right. He starts at the weekend.” Filming is planned abroad until December.

According to ZDF, it is not yet clear when this new episode will be broadcast. With the MS Amadea, the new episode will take you via Madeira to the Canary Islands and Cape Verde. “The land part will be filmed in Namibia in January and February 2023.” The episodes that have already been produced without Schmidt as Schifferle will probably run until the end of 2023.

Cruise director Schifferle was “on sick leave”

In the recently broadcast “Lapland” episode of the “dream ship”, the cruise director Schifferle was “on sick leave”, as Captain Max Parger (Florian Silbereisen) subsequently said. The real background of Schmidt’s interim absence is still unclear.

The trained theater actor and journalist Harald Schmidt has been part of the regular crew since the New Year 2008. He gained fame in Germany primarily as a late-night icon in “The Harald Schmidt Show”.
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It was once ZDF’s feel-good boat: the dream ship regularly lived up to its name and achieved dream ratings in terms of viewership. But recently the “Traumschiff” ratings on ZDF had dropped and the programs had to contend with devastating reviews. (Preview image: picture alliance/dpa/ZDF/Dirk Bartling)