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Get ready: only a few weeks left before the 48th edition of the Césars. When is the big night? Who chairs the ceremony? What new rule caused controversy? Here is everything you need to know…

The great evening of the Caesars fast approaching. The cream of cinema is preparing to attend the most prestigious and glamorous event of the year in France. See you next February 24 for an evening that will take place from 9 p.m. at the Olympia and will be broadcast in the clear on Canal +. Here’s everything you need to know about the prestigious ceremony…

Who is the president of the César 2023?

This year, it’s the actor Tahar Rahimwho won two Césars for her role in a prophet of Jacques Audiard, who will be at the helm of the 48th Cesar ceremony. The name of the president of the ceremony was revealed on January 5. The Academy praised the merits of the comedian who “has led his career with finesse, moving towards rich, diverse and complex characters, and new experiences“, in a press release.

Who will present the Cesar 2023 ceremony?

This year, a significant change is to be noted. Unlike previous ceremonies where a television or film personality was named host, the Césars will this time be presented collectively. There will be no master or mistress of ceremonies, confirms The Parisian. “Actors or duos of actors will follow one another on stage to present three statuettes each“, we read in the media which quotes the names of Jérôme Commandeur, Ahmed Sylla, Léa Drucker, Jamel Debbouze and Alex Lutz.

What is the list of 2023 Revelations?

The list of revelations was unveiled in November 2022.”This list will be sent for information to all members of the Academy as part of their vote for the César 2023 for the best female hope and the best male hope.“, we explain in a press release. The evening of the Revelations must take place on January 16, 2023. “In a desire to protect the youngest, the Committee wished to give priority to interpreters aged 16 or over.“, it is specified.

The actresses:

  • Marion Barbeau in In body
  • Clara Bretheau in The Almond Trees
  • Louise Chevillotte in The world after us
  • Lina El Arabi in Best
  • Tracy Gotoas in The Skyline
  • Kayije Kagame in Saint-Omer
  • Helene Lambert in Ouistreham
  • Lou Lampros in my night
  • Julie Ledru in Rodeo
  • Guslagia Malanda in Saint-Omer
  • Rebecca Marder in A young girl who is well
  • Joely Mbundu in Tori and Lokita
  • Nadia Tereszkiewicz in The Almond Trees
  • Nasturtium Valmary in The Torrent
  • Mallory Wanecque in The worst
  • Souheila Yacoub in between the waves

The comedians :

  • Mohamed Belkhir / MB14 in Tenor
  • Adam Bessa in Harka
  • Bastien Bouillon in The Night of 12
  • Shain Boumedine in Placed
  • Gimi Covaci in Mi iubita my love
  • Stefan Crepon in peter von kant
  • Dimitri Doré in Bruno Reidal, confession of a murderer
  • Romain Eck / Cookie Kunty in Three nights a week
  • Aurelien Gabrielli in The world after us
  • Khalil Gharbia in peter von kant
  • Max Gomis in Gravity
  • Paul Kircher in The high school student
  • Pablo Pauly in Three nights a week
  • Theodore Pellerin in Continental Drift (to the south)
  • Mael Rouin-Berrandou in My brothers and me

What new rule is controversial at the César 2023?

In recent weeks, a controversy tainted the ceremony when comedian Sofiane Bennacer, revealed in The Almond Trees of Valeria Bruni-Tedeschi was indicted for rape. He was removed from the list of nominees for the César for best hope. In the process, on January 2, the César Academy made a resounding announcement: from now on, the persons implicated”for acts of violence” will be indented. In detail, the Academy specifies that if an artist appearing on the list of nominees is the subject of an indictment, he should not be invited to the ceremony and any speech “in the name of that person” would be prohibited.

A decision that many, including the author and director of the film Tickles, Andrea Bescond, find it difficult to understand. “To nominate or give a Caesar to someone who will not be there is to glorify him anyway (…) Either you have a nomination and you come to the ceremony, or you have no nomination and you don’t come to the ceremony“, she lamented on the set of LCI.