Daughter of Alfredo Adame defends him, says he is a first class man

Since the new year began, Alfredo Adame He has starred in all kinds of controversies and scandals from street fights with a whole family, complaints against him and until the end of his romance with Magaly Chávez, but none of this matters to his daughter, who came out to defend him with a cloak and sword of all the markings.

During a brief interview for Ventaneando, Vanessa Adame took out her nails and spoke wonders about her father, she also assured that he is a first rate man despite all the malicious comments that circulate about him and stressed that he is not the man he appears to be and acknowledged that everything is the product of a character that he has built in recent years.

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“That’s something a lot of people tell me and sometimes they don’t believe me… the character out there is one thing, my dad is a first class man, It is not what Alfredo Adame really is. My dad is my dad and I will love him in the good, the bad and the worst, “revealed the eldest daughter of the controversial Mexican actor.

As if that were not enough, the daughter of the famous former television host announced that she has also been the victim of attacks and criticism for the simple fact of being part of his family, and although he explained that it has affected him, but over time he learned to deal with them.

“I think it is the risk that being his daughter entails and if my father has never left me, in no way, I will not leave him either (…) I know who my father is. I’m not going to tell you that it doesn’t affect me because suddenly there are people who are cruel, they are harsh, but no. Actually, it is that it also affects me for 5 minutes, I fall asleep and I forget, “said Vanessa Adame.

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Likewise, the 40-year-old woman was questioned about the statements made by some of her father’s ex-partners, especially Diana Golden and Magaly Chavez, who recently assured that Alfredo Adame “has a lot of grudge and a lot of hate.”

“I think it is the response of someone angry who wants to have more and can no longer. I haven’t talked to Mary Paz for years and no, of course not (I’m talking about her), but It is clear to me that there are people to whom my dad is itchy and they make things up, They attack him where it hurts and, obviously, where it hurts, many times it can be me, “he replied.

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