Daughter ‘works as a model in London and Paris’

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Daughter ‘works as a model in London and Paris’
Jungle camp grandfather Peter Althof is proud: “She works as a model in London and Paris” © Instagram / dpa

He’s bursting with pride: “Jungle Camp” grandfather Peter Althof revealed that he was very proud of his daughter Helena Althof. The socialite revealed he misses his offspring.

Nuremberg-Laufamholz – “Jungle Camp” star Peter Althof (66) became a cult figure in the RTL reality format with his dry sayings. The Nuremberg-born celebrity bodyguard has a daughter, Helena Althof (19), who comes from his marriage to Sandra Rajcic (48). The star’s offspring started a successful career as a model in London and Paris and has always been very ambitious, of which the father is particularly proud.

In an interview with “Bild”, the former “I’m a star – get me out of here!” actor now spoke about the success of his offspring. The dad-of-two proudly announced: “She works as a model in London and Paris. She has had a contract since she was 16. Helena always knew what she wanted was a wild bumblebee. But at the same time she got her A-levels of 1.4. I’m very proud of her.” At the same time, he would miss his successful daughter, who moved out into the “big, wide world” because of her career. “She always said: I’m going away after I graduate high school! And she did that immediately. The big wide world! I and Sandra miss her very much, unfortunately she doesn’t live right around the corner either,” revealed the father of the family.

“Jungle camp” Grandpa Peter Althof: Proud of daughter Helena Althof

The proud father also told what his daughter thought of his “Jungle Camp” performance. The model was initially “embarrassed” that her dad was on the show. He explained: “In the beginning she was embarrassed. She said: Only underexposed people go there. But she liked how I did there. When Helena hit puberty, she found me embarrassing too. Just as many fathers are embarrassed by their daughters.” The TV personality also has a son Dennis (29) from a previous relationship, about whom he previously announced in the “jungle camp” that contact with him had broken off. In the meantime, however, the two are said to have reconciled.