Daughters of Jacky Bracamontes appear made up with red lipstick and false eyelashes, and criticism rains down on her – Nueva Mujer

Jacky Bracamontes not only is she a great actress, she is also a loving and dedicated mother to her five daughters Carolina, Paula, Renata, Jacqueline, and Emilia.

And it is that her best role in life is that of being a mother, and she has expressed and demonstrated this on different occasions.

The actress has given them the best childhood, with great values, and also letting them do what they like the most, from dancing, horseback riding, and even practicing extreme sports like their father, the racing driver Martín Fuentes.

She has been criticized many times for the kind of parenting you give your daughters, letting them play these dangerous sports, And now, he has earned the reproach of followers in networks for making up his daughters.

They criticize Jacky Bracamontes for making up her daughters with red lipstick

Like a proud mom, jackie bragged to his three older daughters that they were going to participate in a dance show, so they were made up.

“It seems that they bring a filter from those who make up… but nooo! It’s hair and makeup @laurasbarcelo !!! They were dreamed of in their dance show!!! #mygrils #danceshow (I feel weird to see them with such makeup, but in the theater it looked amazing!!!)”, wrote the protagonist of The idiots do not go to heaven.

However, the fans did not see it this way, and, on the contrary, They filled her with criticism for allowing her daughters to wear makeup as adults.

the little ones They wore eyeliner, shadows, false eyelashes, shadows, and red lipstick, something that his followers considered inappropriate for his young age.

“There was no need for SO MUCH makeup… what happened to the simple makeup that they put on the girls for those events?” makeup doesn’t bother me so much for her age 😢”, “Jacky you have to set limits, how are you going to let them do makeup as adults”, and “Nooo so much makeup is not good for girls, not even for a dance or photos”, were some of the criticisms.

Despite the criticism she was proud and happy of her daughters, and of the result of the makeup, ignoring the attacks.