Dave, “changed” by his cerebral hemorrhage: Fall, Coma and Aftermath

Dave made his return to television, in C à Vous, on April 20. The singer, “changed” by the accident which almost cost him his life, confided in his “serious” sequelae and called his friend, Daniel Auteuil, a “liar”…

A few months after his heavy fall which almost killed him, Dave was back on set C to you, April 20. If the 77-year-old singer appeared in relatively good shape, he still has some sequels of his hemorrhage cerebral. “When we live this, we are not allowed to drive. It takes at least 6 months after the accident. What is serious is the balance problem. When I get up, I feel like I’m falling. And the most serious thing is that I have no more taste or smell. Everyone thinks I have the covid But not at all! It’s because of the cerebral hemorrhage“, he explained to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. And the artist hardly knows if these effects will fade over time: “It may be over in 3 days, 3 months or never… It may never end. It’s upsetting“.

Dave, “changed” by his accident

The 77-year-old singer had been hospitalized for several weeks in January, after its heavy fall and had then fallen into the coma. “It’s still something that changed me“, confided the artist, who thought he was not afraid of death. “When you fall like that, and you wake up two weeks later and you don’t remember anything, it’s not funny“, he added.

Dave: what he could not celebrate with Patrick Loiseau

Because of these misadventures, Dave and Patrick Loiseauin a relationship for 51 years, could not celebrate their dating anniversary like it should be. “On February 7, I was in the hospital, it’s a bit complicated to celebrate“, he lamented in C to you. But the artists are still celebrating this anniversary with great fanfare with the release of the box set. Golden weddingwhich brings together 68 songs by Dave and 22 recorded by Patrick Loiseau.

Dave calls Daniel Auteuil a “liar”

On the set of C to youDave also spoke about his friendship with Daniel Auteuil. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine first reminded him: “Daniel Auteuil said: ‘When we became friends, he asked me if I could lend him some money. I lent him some and we became friends for life‘”. But Dave obviously doesn’t have the same side of the story.”What a liar! It’s the contrary!“, he was indignant before explaining: “I made a lot of money before Daniel, of course, because I was a singing star, and he wasn’t an actor yet. But he passed me well after“.

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