Dave the singer found lying on the ground, inert, dead: his companion testifies

It was a real drama that shook Dave’s life. The famous singer was found motionless on the ground in their home following an accident. Patrick Loiseau, with whom our favorite Dutchman has shared his life for many years, testifies to this terrible day. The Objeko editorial team reveals everything in this article.

Dave: his most serious accident

Dave, our favorite Dutchman, was the victim of a terrible accident with serious consequences… It’s not surprising that we haven’t heard from him for a while! However, we did not know anything about it, until his companion Patrick Loiseau revealed to us the doldrums in Paris Match on March 24th.

We are at the end of January, at the home of the two lovebirds. It is a totally ordinary winter day. We often imagine stars leading incredible and thrilling lives. However, Dave was simply doing laundry, upstairs in their home. Patrick Loiseau was on the ground floor busying himself in the kitchen. It was then that he heard a loud thud. He thought it was a plant or a heavy object that had fallen to the ground. It is then that he discovers Dave on the ground, inert, at the bottom of the stairs.

Patrick Loiseau then thinks of the worst. However, his companion emits a moan, which relieves him. The singer is not dead, but he is in very bad shape. Wanting to go downstairs to hang the laundry, he fell down the stairs, making a big fall of about 2.5 meters.

Many sequels and a return to life

Dave survived his fall. Only, he did not come out of it without consequences. At 77, her body is no longer what it was when the French public discovered it. His companion Patrick Loiseau immediately called the emergency services. Quickly taken care of, he was made to pass numerous examinations. He got away with two broken vertebrae, but also two epileptic fits. In order to ease his pain, the doctors put him in an artificial coma for 4 days.

Dave managed to overcome his injuries. However, he remained in hospital for a month, only to be released on February 25. He was able to count on the unfailing support of his lover, Patrick Loiseau, to cheer him up.

Since his accident and his return from the hospital, Dave has been resting. He recovers from his wounds, and also takes advantage of his companion. Be careful, however, this does not sign the end of his career! Indeed, the singer intends to get back on stage! It is thus making its big comeback from this month of April around France. However, it is of course to be expected to see it slow down, and not to occur as regularly. After all, we can only wish him a well-deserved rest, and to spend some time as a couple!

Dave: the most French of the Dutch

Dave is the most French of Dutch singers! Born Wouter Otto Levenbach, he was passionate about music at a very young age. When he was only 20 years old, he went to London to record an album and already used the pseudonym Dave, which was much more international than his real first name.

The following year, this boating fan left his native Amsterdam and joined Marseille by canals on a flat boat! This is the beginning of a great love story between the singer and his adopted country.

In 1974, Dave released his first hit, Vanina, which sold over a million copies. The following year, he released his second timeless hit, Du Côté de Chez Swann. However, the fashion for romantic songs passes, and Dave finds himself old-fashioned.

He returned to singing in 1993 with an eponymous album, and regained success with the release of a compilation. He then comes out somewhat disguised in an advertisement for Edam, a cheese from his native country: ”Apparently Dave Doesn’t Like Ladies” / “Dave Likes Edam”. The singer has also been in a relationship since 1971 with his lyricist Patrick Loiseau. Despite the fact that at the time this subject was still very taboo, his popularity was far too great for him to have a problem with it.

Quite the contrary! Dave is a French icon, presenting many TV shows, and playing these great classics all around France

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