David Beckham gives Instagram account to a Ukrainian nurse, why? – The Sun of Mexico

The former star of English football, David Bekham has given something to talk about again and not because of a footballing feat, but because of his solidarity work towards a person who is in a delicate situation due to the clashes between Russia and Ukraine.

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It turns out that the footballer gave the anesthesiologist nurse Iryna free access to his Instagram account, with the intention of spreading the damage he is going through as a result of the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine.

Through the publications, the nurse indicated that, during the first days of the attack, her work had to evolve.

“The first few days were very difficult. We had to learn how to work under the bombings and attacks”, the woman pointed out.

In the stories she shared, the Ukrainian nurse showed the cramped cellar through which doctors and nurses were evacuated during the first day of Russia’s invasion.

The health worker explained that the work in the hospital has been marathon since the attacks began, as she pointed out that “the doctors and nurses here worry, we cry, but none of us will give up.”

For his part, the English player David Beckham called on his followers so that they could donate to charities that work in Ukraine to guarantee them water, food and some medicines.

The former soccer player indicated that the donations could be used for oxygen generators.

“Thanks to your donations, the oxygen generators you have received are helping newborns survive in terrible conditions.”

The humanitarian crisis in Ukraine continues to worsen since the beginning of the attacks, more than 10 million refugees have been counted in countries surrounding the territory of the attack.

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The bombing of Ukrainian territory has caused damage in Mariupol and kyiv, to mention a few cities.


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