Day two of the wedding marathon: punks want to hijack Lindner’s bachelorette party

Day two of the wedding marathon
Punks want to hijack Lindner’s bachelorette party

Officially, they have already married, the church wedding of Finance Minister Lindner and his bride is not until Saturday: enough time to celebrate extensively. But a few uninvited guests could also show up at the planned bachelorette party.

After the civil wedding of Federal Minister of Finance Christian Lindner and journalist Franca Lehfeldt, the couple is already planning their next celebration. On Friday, a bachelorette party is to take place in Sylt’s celebrity bar “Sansibar”. It is quite possible that not only invited guests will appear there. According to reports, punks have arranged to “congratulate” the finance minister and his bride online. There are calls in several forums.


Even for the civil wedding there was a lot for the police to do.

(Photo: dpa)

Already at Pentecost, dozens of punks had used the 9-euro ticket to go to Sylt. Since then, dozens of them have camped around the Wilhelminen fountain in Westerland. This has caused trouble several times, as there are complaints – from both holidaymakers and locals – about the disturbance and the garbage lying around.

However, Lindner’s wedding is accompanied by a number of security measures. Appropriate staff had already referred the bystanders in front of the Sylt Museum to the site for the civil wedding. The couple plans to get married in a church on Saturday. According to media reports, there will be another party in the “Zanzibar” in the evening. Accordingly, there are numerous celebrities on the guest list – including Chancellor Olaf Scholz and CDU party leader Friedrich Merz.

On Thursday, some curious people and journalists had been waiting for the couple on the meadow in front of the Sylt Museum and on the street in front of it since the morning. The time of the wedding was not known. In fact, the couple only got married in the afternoon.

The onlookers got to see it after the “yes” word. At that time, a few dozen people were still waiting behind the police barriers diagonally opposite the main entrance – and were rewarded: the newlywed couple came out of the main entrance, kissed and went to their car. They waved to the numerous curious onlookers and journalists.

It is the second marriage for the 43-year-old Lindner. He was already married to the journalist Dagmar Rosenfeld. Lehfeldt is also a journalist. She works as a political reporter for the Welt news channel, which belongs to the Axel Springer media group. It was announced last October that she and Lindner had gotten engaged. “We are overjoyed,” Lehfeldt told the RTL broadcaster, for which she was still working.