Dayana Jaimes says what happened and shows a photo

The widow of Martín Elías did not hide her annoyance at what happened this Wednesday in the place where the remains of the Vallenato artist rest.

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Through several Instagram stories, the communicator reported that one of the visitors to the tomb wanted to take a picture with her and he ended up breaking it into several pieces.

Taken from Instagram: (Dayanajaimes55)
Taken from Instagram: (Dayanajaimes55)

And it is that for no one it is a secret that since the departure of the singer, who died on April 14, 2017 after a traffic accident on a highway, several of his fans arrive at the Jardines del Ecce Homo cemetery to visit his tomb.

The journalist explained in her networks that this is not the first time that this type of event has occurred, but everything seems to indicate that in recent months the situation has increased.

“I find Martín’s grave in the state that you can see in the photos, something that fills me with great sadness and indignation,” initially claimed.

Taken from Instagram: (Dayanajaimes55)
Taken from Instagram: (Dayanajaimes55)

Showing a photo of the person who would have caused the damage, Jaimes reflected and invited said woman to pay for the damage done.

Likewise, he indicated that he does not intend to leave the tomb as it is currently, since many might think that Martín Elías was forgotten by his loved ones.

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Finally, he made a request to those who plan to visit the grave, since he does not want another similar situation to arise.

“I ask all the tourists who come to visit the tombs of Martín and Diomedes to please be careful, this is a sacred place. If you want to take a photo, take it standing up. More respect, ”she concluded.