Dayana Molina will export the Santa Cruz Carnival to the United States, Spain and England

April 27, 2022, 10:46 AM

April 27, 2022, 10:46 AM

Dayana Molina, the queen of the Santa Cruz Carnival of 2022, It will travel on June 6 to Virginia (United States), then it will go to Madrid (Spain) and the tour will end in London (England).where Bolivian residents look forward to sharing some of the ‘big party’ outside their homeland.

The last queen to make this tour was Fátima Jordán in 2019; Later, due to the pandemic, this activity, which was carried out after the department’s carnival schedule ended, was suspended..

“In this management we do it in June, after having rested a bit from the hustle and bustle,” Dayana remarked in time to indicate that it is “an honor carry the traditions, show culture and share with compatriots outside our country”.

“They are large communities and I am very happy that they recognize me as their Carnival queen,” said the sovereign who will travel accompanied by Alfredo Solares, part of her staff.

Dayana will carry in her suitcase the suit that used in the Corso and the first pre-carnivalera, in addition to others created by Gallo Sanchez.

Gustavo Gil, from the ACCC, reported that there are 40 comparsas in Virginia, 40 in Madrid and 20 in London. The presentation of the queen in the United States will be on June 11, on the 18th she will be in Spain and on the 25th in England.

Sandro Ibáñez, from the Bolivia-USA Groups of the East, reported that there are more than 2,000 people waiting for Dayana. Comparsas from other states will also participate, such as Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Washington DC.

“We will have guest artists like Américo to liven up the day that he plans to integrate Bolivians,” he said.

For Madrid, for the first time, a parade from Atocha to Cibeles is planned. “ANDOn June 18 there will be a mini-corso on one of the main streets of Madrid and then we will enjoy a popular festival”, described the Cruceña de Comparsas Carnavaleras Association of Madrid (ACCCCM) and the organizers of the Carnavalango event.

Roberto Balcázar, from London, reported that this 2022 celebrate 13 years of Carnival in that city and that the integration of Bolivians is growing, not just residents of Santa Cruz.

“The carnival fans are very happy to meet the queen and share with her,” said Balcázar.

The troupes of London have their own sovereigns: Alejandra Fernández (queen of the Carnival of the Taitas crowners), Carolain Silva (queen of Antaño) and Cristiane Zeballos (child queen).