De La Ghetto changed the tone of reggaeton | shows

After his separation from Archangel, The ghetto He began a career as a soloist that took off with the song Sensación del Bloque. Precisely, he considers that this single completely changed his life and led him to “invoice as it is”.

“When I made that song nobody believed it because it wasn’t reggaeton. It was an R&B ballad, and I remember that when the song was made, Elías (De León) was in the studio and he told me to add a little reggaeton to the track. That topic took a year to stick. That song was the one that led me to invoice as it is… People hesitated and asked me if I thought I was a balladeer or pop singer, but what they didn’t understand is that I did the song from the heart. It was a topic that came from my soul, “said the reggaeton player.

From his perspective, the cut changed the course of the urban genre because it opened a new perspective for both artists, producers, and the public.

“We can do other musical themes and I think that this theme helped shape what reggaeton is today, since the genre is a little more versatile”, .

While the single Trafficking in my way, with Arcángel, was responsible for giving them a new dimension as a duo and the first they recorded in a professional studio in Puerto Nuevo.

“The first song hit the streets at an incredible magnitude. From the poorest to the largest in society listened to that theme. That was the issue that gave us hope, ”she added.

On the other hand, the artist highlighted the influence on his life of his mother Migdalia Torres, who died about 12 years ago. The mother of Rafael Castillo Torres, his first name, expired as a result of liver cancer. She claims that if she could travel back in time, she would come back to her side.

“I would go to the 2009-2010 year farewell, when my mother died. That day I couldn’t be with her, I saw her practically die in the hospital, but if I could turn back time I would be with her all that month. He was so busy recording, traveling and not paying attention to her. She had liver cancer and didn’t know how strong she was. That was a very strong moment for me, “she said in an interview with THE SPOKESPERSON.

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