Deal concluded: the Web scandalized by a saleswoman during the sale of a vase

This Tuesday, January 3, 2023, a saleswoman was talked about in Affaire Conclue. By offering his vase at the sale, she voluntarily concealed the major defect of her object from the buyers. The bidding therefore soared. But on social networks, many fans of the show have cried dishonesty. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

A disappointing show

As has been the case for many years, France 2 broadcasts Deal Concluded after It starts today. And the least we can say is that over the years, the program has lost none of its original DNA. But a few hours ago fans of the program were disappointed. In particular by the objects offered by the sellers. Among the sales of the day: a crystal decanter, a fireplace setbut above all a plush Babar.

And the last object, did not cause more sensation. If it could have been interesting, the auctioneer Patricia Casini Vitalis very quickly announced bad news. Indeed, his careful observation of the object also allowed him to notice a major problem. In particular, she discovered a small crack on the vase: “I’m going to hurt you, because you probably didn’t see it, but the base of the vase was probably damaged, probably even when it was molded.“.

Internet users furious with the saleswoman of Affaire Conclue

According to Patricia Casini Vitalis, the crack does not remove the magnificent art object side. But on the other hand, it loses a lot of value. An argument very quickly swept away in the rest of the show. Indeed, while the buyers had the vase several times in their hands, no one noticed the famous crack. And obviously, the saleswoman did not consider it useful to give them the information. Preferring in particular to explain to them that the fruit of the sale would go to his project to open a restaurant.

The least we can say is that she was right. Indeed, she was able to receive no less than 1450 euros for her vase. A nice sum when you know that the expertise was 200 euros. Unfortunately, viewers weren’t happy. Indeed, for them, the seller was dishonest hiding this element which could have had a big impact on the sale. And you what do you think ? What would you have done in the place of the buyer? Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments. It’s your turn.