Death of Anne Heche, her 13-year-old son comes out of silence and pays tribute to her

Seraphine Roger

A book by American actress Anne Heche will be published posthumously in her name. His youngest son, Atlas, wanted to speak on the occasion of the release of the book.

The American media “Los Angeles Inquisitor” approached the family and relatives of Anne Heche as part of the release, Tuesday, January 24, of his posthumous book “Call Me Anne”. The youngest son of the actress wanted to share a few words in tribute to his mother, who suddenly disappeared in a car accident last August. This is the first time that Atlas Heche has spoken since the death of his mother.

The words of Atlas Heche, his 13-year-old youngest son, were shared on the site “My mother was the most brilliant person I have ever known. She always knew how to solve a problem, or help a friend. She always knew what to do,” he began. “I cannot put into words how grateful I am and how much I miss her,” Atlas Heche Tupper continued emotionally.

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“The road to recovery will be long”

At the beginning of January, it was her half-brother Homer Laffoon (20) who posted a long message on their mother’s Instagram account: “I live one day after another, that’s fine with me, because I’m sure the road to recovery will be long. Your kind thoughts and good wishes will continue to comfort me on my journey.” The latter is the result of wedding of Anne Heche and Coleman Laffoon. Anne Heche welcomed her little brother seven years later with her companion, actor James Tupper.

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At the same time, Homer Laffoon presented Anne Heche’s latest book, “Call Me Anne”. A book in response to his first memoirs released in 2001 under the title “Call Me Crazy: A Memoir”.