Death of Cooper Noriega: the causes of the death of the young 19-year-old Tiktokeur revealed

A dark cloud seems to hang over the world of influencers. A world marked by mourning this year. Six months after the tragic disappearance of young American Cooper Noriega, the causes of his death have been revealed, as reported Tele-Leisure this Tuesday, December 27, 2022.

A wave of deaths has hit the world of influence at the end of the year. Young men and women who were desperate to find their way, and whose lives were brutally taken away. A shock for their family and for their many followers of the whole world. Some believe that exposing your life so much on social networks can be synonymous with danger… and there is a grain of truth in this argument. Reality TV starlets regularly pay the price. Leaked phone numbers, postal address found…

Nabilla was even robbed at her wedding, and a consequence haunts her still today. Becoming a public figure is no longer safe, and even less in an era where everything is shared very quickly. Where the trouble escalates is when a death occurs in strange circumstances, such as influencer Maja Janeska. Earlier this year, it was a young Tiktokeur who worried his fans with an alarming message posted on his Instagram account. An enigmatic post, and unfortunately premonitory

Cooper Noriega, victim of an explosive cocktail

Who else thinks he’s gonna die young?This question comes from Cooper Noriega, in a now deleted video on his Instagram account. On June 9, 2022, in Los Angeles, the lifeless body of this 19-year-old Tiktoker was found in a parking lot. For many years, he suffered from addiction problems. His story, he had begun to share it with his community: “I’ve been battling my addiction since I was 9. You may think it’s crazy, but those are the cards life gave me. His desire, to become a model for those who fight against the same demons, and to learn how to get out of it together.

At the end of the year, the Los Angeles County Forensic Institute gave the results of his autopsy, as reported by our colleagues from Tele-Leisure this Tuesday, December 27, 2022. The young American would have died following an accidental overdose. In question, many substancesincluding alprazolam, lorazepam and clonazepam, drugs used as sleeping pills, tranquilizers or anxiolytics. Experts have also found traces of fentanyl, a powerful painkiller that had already caused the death of rapper Mac Miller.