Death of Emiliano Sala: the supporters of Nice authors of a song in very bad taste, the controversy swells

It is an evening that will leave traces in the relations between Nantes and Nice. After the final of the Coupe de France which was held last weekend and at the end of which FC Nantes won 1 to 0, the supporters of OGC Nice reacted very badly by hijacking a famous song canaries in tribute to their former player, ​​Emiliano Sala. The Argentinian died in January 2019 in dramatic circumstances. When he had just been transferred to Wales, to the Cardiff club, the plane taking him there crashed at sea.

A disappearance that caused a lot of emotion and pain among the club’s supporters, who continue to pay tribute to him at each match by applauding his jersey number in the 9th minute and singing a song to his glory. Visibly, the Nice supporters were very upset against their opponents Saturday since some of them decided to hijack the song in honor of Emiliano Sala and the least we can say is that the result is in very bad taste… “He’s an Argentinian, who doesn’t swim well, Emiliano under water, Emiliano under water, Emiliano under water”, sang in the heart of the people of Nice. A scandal and a disgrace.

These guys don’t belong in a stadium. They really should be banned. It is shameful

A song heard by the whole stadium and the spectators, as well as by the coach of FC Nantes, who reacted hotly and did not weigh his words. “Human bullshit has no limit, I am outraged (…) These guys have nothing to do in a stadium. They really should be banned. It is shameful. I feel sorry for Emiliano’s family. I knew that the supporters could be violent, idiots, but there…”threw Antoine Kombouare.

Christophe Galtierthe coach of OGC Nice, also condemned the behavior of his supporters. “I have no words to qualify what we heard. Upon returning to the locker room, there were no cries, joy… but amazement. You can hear a lot of things in a football stadium. But there, where do insults against a deceased footballer come from. They came from a few people, but they weren’t just three. But let them stay at home with their bottles and their insults. If this is our society, we are in deep shit”he reacted in the post-match conference.

A shameful attitude on the part of some Nice supporters and which scandalized a good part of football fans. The Disciplinary Committee of the Professional Football League announced on Thursday that it would investigate this case and OGC Nice could therefore face sanctions.