Death of Federico Martín Aramburú: a new man indicted

A few months ago, the former Argentinian rugby player Federico Martín Aramburú lost his life in terrible circumstances. Friday, June 10, 2022, a new twist revives the case according to information from The Team. A man in his thirties, suspected of having helped Romain Bouvier during his escape, has been indicted.

On March 19, 2022, the fate of former top athlete Federico Martín Aramburú changed forever.. While the ex-rugby player was with a friend in the Saint-Germain-des-Près district of Paris, the latter found himself at the heart of an altercation with several individuals. A few minutes later, the Argentinian had been assassinated. “The rugby player would have pulled on the hood of a member of the other group who would have fallen. The bouncer separated the protagonists who were turned away. A fight broke out between the sportsman and another man, according to other witnesses. They fell in front of the Geox store, a third person got involved and the sportsman was struggling with two opponents. It was at this moment that a shooter opened fire from the car. Then one of the brawlers also shoots the rugby player”explained a witness.

An investigation was immediately opened to find the perpetrators of this murder. And after a few days of research, Loïk Le Priol, the main suspect, was arrested when he had joined Hungary. Later, Romain Bouvier, a neo-fascist activist, was also indicted, then, too, imprisoned.

The investigation is ongoing

And while Loïk Le Priol and Romain Bouvier are now behind bars, a new twist comes to upset the sordid case. According to information from our colleagues in the newspaper The Team unveiled on Friday June 10, 2022, it would seem that a new person has joined the dock. A man in his thirties is suspected of having contributed to the aggression of the former rugby player, Federico Martín Aramburú.

If the latter would not have struck the father of the family, he is indicted for having helped Romain Bouvier to flee after the murder which occurred in the Capital. The young man would have been arrested at the end of April 2022, and would have recognized “minimum” the facts with which he is charged. Pending a trial, the investigation continues.