Death of Grégory Lemarchal: his mother reveals her last words before leaving us at 24, taken away by illness

The death of Grégory Lemarchal did not prevent his parents from continuing their fight against cystic fibrosis. This is also the reason for the foundation created in his effigy to ensure that no one succumbs to the consequences of this disease. This emblematic candidate of the Star Academy had as a reminder marked the spirits by winning the victory of the fourth season of tele-hook. This, despite his illness which was gradually weakening him. The coaches couldn’t believe how determined he was when he was on stage.

A deep message that can only encourage patients with cystic fibrosis

Grégory Lemarchal had a prosperous future ahead of him in the world of music. His proven talent for singing has indeed opened many doors for him. This allowed him to set up this association which is now managed by his mother Laurence Lemarchal and his father. Both continue their fight which will only stop once this disease is eradicated. However, the pain is still present in the hearts of the latter who still mourn the death of their beloved today.

Cystic fibrosis is a particularly difficult disease to treat. Grégory Lemarchal was also waiting for a transplant when he breathed his last. The young man, however, sent a message while he was on his deathbed. Words full of hope that should ring in the ears of those who suffer from this disease: Above all, tell them never to give up »