Death of Jean-Pierre Pernaut: his daughter Lou Pernaut mourns in a very special way

Five months after the death of her dad, the daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut, Lou, gave an interview to the YouTube channel of Gossip Room. The latter spoke at length about her grieving process.

A very moving interview. Five months after the death of his father, Lou Pernaut gave a long interview to the YouTube channel of Gossip Room, this Saturday, August 6. The youngest daughter of Jean-Pierre Pernaut and Nathalie Marquay discussed many topicsincluding the sudden death of the former TF1 JT presenter on March 2 and his subsequent grieving process. “I was seriously surrounded, I was not crying a lot. Because I wanted to be strong for my mother, strong for my brother, but I know that my darling took it… He took it well, because I cry all the time in front of him”began the young woman of 19 years.

In addition to having lost her father, Lou Pernaut had to manage the pressure that this generated on social networks, where she has no less than 200,000 subscribers on Instagram. “We can’t show we’re crying all the time. Do not believe that after a mourning, we cry non-stop. You have your way of seeing things and if you want to cry alone in your bed at night, it’s your choice. If you don’t feel like crying, that’s your choice”she continued.

Lou Pernaut undergoes numerous criticisms in the media

This pressure, Lou Pernaut has been exposed to it for too many months. And the media coverage of which it suffers the consequences goes beyond the sole platform of social networks. As for example when Laurent Fontaine had publicly pointed the finger on the plateau of Touche not at my post. “Sorry, but what I see is not very dignified and I think that you should, since the death of your father, calm down the TikTok a little, go back to school and work”, had notably declared the columnist. No, Lou Pernaut doesn’t need that.