Death of Linda de Suza: this special and moving request from her son João for her funeral

João Lança, Linda de Suza’s son, made an emotional request for his mother’s funeral. These will take place on January 6 in Gisors.

This is sad news that was announced on December 28th. Linda de Suza has died aged 74. Her son Joäo Lança and I have the pain to inform you of the death, this morning at 10:10 a.m., of Linda de Suza“, announced Fabien Lecoeuvre on social networks. The singer’s funeral will take place this Friday, January 6, at 2.30 p.m. in the Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais church in Gisors (27). It is Joao Lança who organizes them and he wishes to respect his mother’s wishes. For this, in his obituary, relayed by AFP, he specified that “ books of remembrance will receive your tokens of sympathy” before adding:No plates, only natural flowers. In his memory, red carnations”. As a reminder, it was his agent Fabien Lecoeuvre who had mentioned the circumstances of his death on BFM TV. “She had this form of respiratory failure and she caught the Covid in her retirement home where she was, he first revealed before adding: “She was transferred, a bit late in my opinion although the rest of the hospital staff have been wonderful.”

The death of Linda de Suza upset her fans and they were able to count on Fabien Lecoeuvre to give details. “She had been hospitalized at the end of August, she was dehydrated and anemic, she forgot to eat, no longer ate, she had lost a lot of weight”, he had first explained in the columns of Parisian.I saw her last Saturday. She was fine, she had been in a convalescent home ever since and was slowly recovering.”he continued before adding: “She had only had one vaccine. She had lung problems. She was a heavy smoker, she consumed between two and three packs of cigarettes a day”. Following the announcement of his death, it was on the antenna of BFMTV that the agent had mentioned his health problems. “Unfortunately, she had been ill for a few weeks, a few months. She had this form of respiratory failure and she caught the Covid in her retirement home where she was“, he confided, upset. Fabien Lecoeuvre also wanted to convey an important message: “We know that we are suffering today in France from a lack of hospitals, a lack of staff. Everyone is affected today, regardless of the person who is weakened by an illness. Her transfer this morning was made at 8 a.m. and she left us at 10:10 a.m.“, he concluded.

Linda de Suza: what were her last wishes?

Linda de Suza had wishes that could not be respected. These last few days have been mentioned by Fabien Lecoeuvre, at the microphone of CNews. “She wanted to leave”, he had first revealed before specifying: “She had asked me last week to find her a convent, she had become very religiousshe said her prayers practically every two hours”. What did the singer want? “To be in a convent for having a religious retreat and ending his life like that”he said before lamenting: “Unfortunately, I didn’t have time since the disease was stronger“. A final tribute will be paid to him this Friday, January 6, at 2:30 p.m. in the Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais church in Gisors.